The people of Congressional District 20 deserve a leader like Anika in Congress who is ready to work and who truly understands the hopes, struggles and everyday issues that affect the residents in the same community that she has called home for over 30 years.



Born and raised in America, as a first-generation daughter of immigrants of Jamaican, Haitian and Panamanian heritage and a product of the Broward County public school system, Anika Omphroy truly understands what it means to live a life governed by a culture of unity and community; Out of Many, One Family.

Her family's cultural scope not only connects her with the diverse demographic of Congressional District 20, but has also helped to instill values which have inspired her to always put people, service, and sacrifice first. Anika is the niece of Lauderdale Lakes Mayor Hazelle Rogers, former State Representative and grandniece of Jamaica’s Order of Distinction recipient Gwendolyn Omphroy-Spencer, OD.

From an early age, Anika always had a passion for politics. Before graduating from Nova Southeastern University, she organized her first call-to-action rally against injustice as a young 7th grader. Her relentless efforts gained media attention and created change at her middle school.

Currently serving as State Representative for District 95, Anika is a natural-born leader and a respected go-getter; well known for breaking barriers, working toward solutions to fight injustice and focusing on policies that directly address the issues facing the residents of her district. She is currently the Democratic Ranking Member serving on the Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee. She serves on the following committees Appropriations, Commerce, Regulatory Reform Subcommittee, Redistricting Committee, Environment, Agriculture & Flooding Subcommittee and the Secondary Education & Career Development Subcommittee.