Why Anika?

Why Anika?


Delivering for Florida
I have witnessed firsthand how my community has suffered amongst inept leadership over the years. Common-sense leadership was no longer common and it fueled my desire to get involved. So, I decided to run for public office.

In 2018, I became the youngest person in history to be elected to District 95 where I currently serve as the State Representative. Since getting elected, my economic impact has brought over $16 million in direct funds to my area and to the constituents that I serve.

I stand firm on the premise that Florida is a donor state to the federal government and it is time for us to get our fair share of our federal dollars. My commitment to our community is proven and I will continue to bring forth solutions that are designed to empower people and alleviate the burdens of my district.

I will always be a strong advocate for women, seniors and working families. Following in the footsteps of my grand aunt who was a pioneer in tackling women's health, I successfully passed legislation for Uterine Fibroid Research Education.

With so many Floridians in my district and throughout the state having to work harder and harder to get by, it is clear that hard-working families continue to be overlooked. Now more than ever, we need leaders – fearless leaders – in Congress who will stand up for their constituents.

This is why I’m running. I want every resident of the district to be able to trust that their representative in Congress is accessible, genuinely listens to their concerns, and works as hard as ever to make their lives better. I will continue to fight to bring back your hard-earned money to your community and demand change and speak up on the issues that affect us all. I believe that every honest politician has three roles: servant, voice and strategist.